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The Research Center of Cultural Creative Design is trying to align with our core competence that aims to develop research ability and enhance relationships with enterprises in cultural creative design.
1. Promote TUTech’s brand products and its services
2. Integrate design and research resources in cultural creative design
3. Assist units to commercialize their cultural creative design
4. Assist the relevant seminars and workshops on cultural creative design
5 .Facilitate international exchange exhibitions on cultural creative design
Exhibit outstanding works from the departments and academic-industry cooperation to construct the marketing of brand products.
Exhibit area
Nationally and internationally famous designers are invited to have thematic exhibitions as well as innovative patented products shows
Permanent display area
3-D, 2-D, and digital media works recommended from all departments and offices
Product sales and service area
Product consultation, academic-industry cooperation platform for communication, marketing and selling, display and marketing planning

|Mon - Fri 08:00-17:00
|專線 06-2438125
|總機 06-2532106#327